Upstairs Realty

  • Tribeca office:
  • 325 Broadway
  • Suite 201
  • New York NY 10007


Upstairs Realty is a brokerage. We make our clients’ dreams come true. So this “who we are” bit is tough, because the whole point is to be you-aggrandizing, not self-aggrandizing.

Still, the consultants in the shiny suits say customers love “story”…so here’s the yada-yada: Born in the South. Wall Street- and Harvard-trained. Still write thank-you notes. Mom (a lawyer back when women weren’t lawyers, and then a judge back when women weren’t judges…think Sandra Day O’Connor generation) named the firm. The idea was to have a luxury real estate brokerage that wasn’t named after its founder or by a focus group (go ahead and mentally scroll through the others; we can wait) but there’s a nice connotation of townhouses and penthouses too. For the record, Upstairs Realty sells and rents condos and co-ops as well as townhouses and penthouses—and there’s a special expertise here in how to handle difficult co-op boards.

Upstairs Realty is based in Tribeca, in a building full of immigration attorneys, so every day we see what hoops people will jump through just to get to New York City. (Welcome! It's worth it, except when you’re stuck in a particularly long line at Trader Joe’s.) As a boutique, we do a lot of Hollywood-to-Manhattan work—more than a few of our customers have won Emmys, though we're not promising you anything—and lately a lot of London-to-New York City relos. (If you are reading this and you are a broker: yes, we take utmost care of your clients, and yes, we pay referral). We also work Brooklyn or do rentals if that’s what our clients want. Does your little heart desire it? If we can make it work within the limits of your budget, so it shall be.

Upstairs Realty’s principal broker is Alison Rogers, who wrote a book called “Diary of a Real Estate Rookie.” You can find out more about that by clicking here. Ali R. likes real estate chat. Chances are that if you didn’t come here through a friend, you came from reading something she posted on Wired New York or on Facebook or on StreetEasy—where, as The New York Times noted, “her balanced-for-a-broker remarks have earned her an unusual degree of respect from a set that is blatantly anti-broker.” She also likes detective novels, Fresca, Doc McStuffins, Millennials, being quoted in Vanity Fair and on the StreetEasy blog, and keeping nice people like yourself from hitting their heads against the wall. She is surrounded by top designers, architects, contractors, mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, zoning specialists, and a couple of know-it-alls, so if the answer to a question is not right to hand, Upstairs Realty will find it. Call when you have time.